Plain Clothes or Off duty felony arrests

When you carry an plain clothes or off duty weapon and intend to use it in a felony arrest make it a point that when you get ready to go out onto the street that you have secured your badge and id in a place where it can be reached with your weak hand. Your weapon will in most cases be in your strong hand, and another officer arriving on the scene might not recognize you. It will be very difficult to fish your badge and ID out of a pocket on your strong hand side while holding it on a suspect who may or may not still be armed or a threat while some other officer is drawing on you and screaming for you to drop your weapon. Make it a point to stop and think when you strap on that plain clothes or off duty weapon to take the next step and put your ID and badge on the weak side, and make sure you can reach it fast and easily while holding your firearm.

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