Right side vehicle approach (Member Response. Secure - Login Required)

I read the article about the right side approach. I use them more often than not and would like to add a few more things I have picked up along the way. I generally attempt to angle my vehicle a few degrees offset from the vehicle I have just stopped and back about 10 feet or so. I turn my vehicles wheels to the left or right depending on the direction. Turning your wheels will help prevent your vehicle from being launched into the stopped vehicle infront of you. At night I shut off my emergency lights and activate the emergency flashers. I do leave my spotlights and take down lights on. Drunk drivers are more likely to fix on your emergency lights and strike your vehicle. I never get in between the two vehicles if I can help it and always try and make the stop in a safe place where I can have the cover of a jersey wall or similar if need be.

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