Moble Meth lab-safety

With Methamphetamines becoming more prevalent, officers should take caution when dealing with these type of stops. Moble Meth labs stops are dangerous due to the chemicals that are in used and the vapors that they produce. You may think that a Meth lab is not in your area, but it is time to get real. If Meth isn't in your community now it will soon be. Meth is a epidemic that is sweeping this country. Things to look for are Cold Medication (lots of it), Acetone, Alcohol (Isopropyl or Rubbing), Toluene or brake cleaner, Ether, Drain Cleaner (Sulfuric Acid), Methanol (gasoline additives), Lithium, and **Anhydrous Ammonia** to name a few of the important ingredients. During your stops keep an eye for these items. The reason Anhydrous Ammonia was marked with ** is for health reasons. This stuff for individuals who are not familiar with it is in a liquid state at
-400 degrees Fahrenheit and will attack liquid in your body, as in the name An -with out Hydrous -water, without water. Literally it will feeze your lungs if it is inhaled. If you suspect a posible lab, DO NOT OPEN COOLERS OR THERMOUS BOTTLES- THEY MAY CONTAIN ANHYDROUS AMMONIA.
When you see some of the precusors of Meth, the ingredients, or bottles with hoses coming out of them you either have a Moble Lab or they are in the process of going somewhere to produce it. Take caution at this point. Meth users are very unstable individuals. The individual that you have stopped maybe tweaking or strung out on Meth and may become violent very quickly.
Upon discovery of a moble meth lab or precusors make sure to take precaution when taking the suspect into custody. Call for back up. Use gloves when dealing with a moble meth lab. The reason why is that if they have an active moble lab in their vehicle they could be contaminated with toxic chemicals on their skin and clothing. Secure the scene. Do not let other officers aproach the vehicle unless they are meth lab certified. A Meth lab team will have to be called to dispose of the vehilce unless someone is lab certified. Do not place the suspect in your car unless you want an new vehicle, becasue of the toxic residue, the suspect will have to be decontaminated if they were in a lab situation.
If there is reason to belive that your have been contaminated by entering a Meth lab by accident, make sure you get detoxed so you don't take the chemicals home to your family.
It is sugested that you obtain more information with Meth labs and training is a must. Note not everything is covered in this notice, but this is stuff I have learned in my training and I think it is better to be safe than sorry. Meth is ever increasing and should not be looked at lightly. For more information contact your state agency that deals with training or contact your local DEA office for more information.

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