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Police: 'No evidence' officers beat Donald Driver's dad

Associated Press

HOUSTON — Houston police said Tuesday there is no evidence to back claims that three police officers brutally assaulted the father of Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver during a traffic stop last month.

In a one-page statement, the Houston Police Department said an internal investigation concluded they "could not prove or disprove" allegations that Marvin Driver Jr., 56, was severely beaten and injured before being taken to jail Nov. 17 for outstanding traffic warrants. Police said the claims have been ruled as "not sustained."

Shortly after being taken to jail, Marvin Driver was hospitalized and listed in critical condition. His family had said he was taken to a gas station by police, beaten by at least two officers and had something forced down his throat.

Houston police said its investigation, which included medical records and eyewitness accounts, didn't substantiate the allegations of brutality.

"Medical information obtained by investigators does not support or indicate any injuries to Mr. Driver consistent with a recent assault," the statement read.

Attempts to reach Driver's family by telephone were not successful Tuesday. Houston police would not make any comment beyond the statement.

The three officers accused by Driver's family - Bacilio Guzman, Gilberto Cruz and M. Marin - will return to normal duty, police said. Driver's family has said they wanted the officers fired or brought up on charges.

The family has said Marvin Driver Jr. suffered a brain hemorrhage and doctors told them the elder Driver had bruises in his abdomen area from being kneed to the stomach.

Eyewitnesses didn't see the elder Driver being beaten, police said.

According to police, two independent witnesses said "no signs of assault or altercation took place involving Mr. Driver and the officers" at the spot where Driver was taken after his arrest. Police said witness statements also indicate that Officer Marin, whom Driver alleges repeatedly assaulted him, remained in his patrol vehicle.

The officers stated Driver was unresponsive upon arrival at the jail and was taken to a hospital, police said.

This was not the first time Marvin Driver has been arrested. According to court records, he served three years in prison beginning in 1986 on a drug charge. He has also been charged with robbery, felon in possession of a weapon and four separate charges of driving while his license was suspended.

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