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Videos show Mich. LEO grabbing man by the neck

The grab was described by Public Safety Chief Jeff Hadley as "a subject control method not taught or recommended"

By PoliceOne Staff

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — Videos of a sergeant who grabbed a man by the throat during an arrest has been released by the police department.

Police arrested Antonio Churchwell, 17, outside an abandoned house on July 10 on drug charges, MLive reported. His brother, Diante, 20, arrived on the scene when he heard his brother was in custody. Their parents said Diante questioned why his brother was being arrested when he was detained. Police said Diante became aggressive with officers.

Sgt. Derrick Turner, the arresting officer, is seen holding Diante by the throat before arresting him. A complaint was filed by the family.

Public Safety Chief Jeff Hadley said an internal investigation found Turner “violated the Use of Force policy by utilizing ‘a subject control method not taught or recommended.’” Turner will undergo additional training. 

However, Hadley said, Turner’s actions “did not seem to be malicious or egregious.”

"Sgt. Turner had every right to address the aggressive manner and approach utilized and displayed by Diante Churchwell," Hadley said. "However the method he chose was not appropriate for the circumstances and fell outside KDPS policy."


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