Video: K-9 takes down driver who refused to get out of car

After the driver refused to provide police identifying information for more than 20 minutes, the officers broke the windows of his car and released the K-9 on him

By PoliceOne Staff

CANTON, Ohio — An Ohio police department released body cam footage of a K-9 taking down a man who refused to give officers his name and get out of his car during a traffic stop.

On Sunday, 45-year-old Ronald D. Wagner II was stopped by a trooper because he had a homemade license plate on the back on his car, the Canton Repository reports. Three Canton officers also showed up later during the traffic stop to assist the trooper.

The trooper and three officers calmly and repeatedly asked Wagner to give them his license and vehicle registration. Wagner refused to comply and answer questions, debating Ohio laws with the trooper before asking for the LEO’s name and badge number.

Wagner also contended that the traffic stop was unlawful and that a driver’s license and plate aren’t required for him to drive. The officers warned Wagner that they would use a K-9 if he didn’t comply.

“We are going to break that window. ... I’m going to send this 100 pound (dog) and he’s going to apprehend you at which time I’m going to drag him and you (out) to the ground (if you continue to resist),” the K-9 officer can be heard saying in the video.

After more than 20 minutes, the officers broke the windows of Wagner’s car and released the K-9 on him. 

Wagner faces several charges, including obstructing official business and resisting arrest, according to Fox 8.

On Tuesday, Wagner told the Canton Repository that he didn’t provide identifying information to the officers because “I was being peaceful ... and I wasn’t acting irate. I was just firmly standing up for my Fourth Amendment right and my Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.”

Wagner also continued to contend that a driver’s license isn’t required “unless (you are) getting paid to drive (such as) hauling people around and to carry goods.”

“Driver’s license is a commercial term,” he added. “Driver is a commercial term. We’ve all been duped into thinking that we have to have these driver’s licenses.”

Wagner said he plans on holding the officers accountable and that “there will be a lawsuit.”

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