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Video: Combative man withstands repeated use of TASERs

Police said the suspect “became violent” when officers approached him and “started punching the walls while yelling obscenities”

By PoliceOne Staff

MIAMI — A bystander’s video captured a tense standoff between police and a disturbed man who withstood officers’ repeated use of TASERs.

On Wednesday, police were called after Joaquin Labaut, 35, went inside a Miami Wendy’s restaurant while "speaking to himself loudly and acting erratically by flailing his arms back and forth," according to a police report obtained by the Miami Herald

Police said Labaut “became violent” when officers approached him and “started punching the walls while yelling obscenities." Two officers initially tried to subdue the suspect with TASERs before he took refuge at the drive-thru window.

Another officer approached Labaut and struck the suspect’s feet with a baton to try and get him to the ground. Officers used their TASERs again, which failed to take down Labaut.

After slipping past officers, Labaut tumbled over chairs while absorbing more TASER shots. Labaut eventually went limp on the ground and was arrested. 

Police said Labaut’s thick sweater may have prevented the TASER prongs from hitting his skin. 

Labaut made his first court appearance Friday and faces several charges, including three counts of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, according to Fox News.



Posted by Ray Kim Haar on Thursday, June 7, 2018

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