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Errant police spike strip leaves Calif. drivers flat

The spike strip fell out of a police officer's car in February

Associated Press

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — Some drivers in Newport Beach said they were left flat after a spike strip fell out of a police car and punctured their tires. A police report said the strip, which is designed to slow down fleeing drivers, fell out of a police officer's Chevy Tahoe on Feb. 27. The report said the officer had checked out the vehicle but forgot to close the back door before leaving the police station.

At least three motorists had several tires flattened and two have filed claims with the city.

One is asking the city for $221 to cover repairs and towing fees while another wants $870 because of two flat tires on his Jaguar.

City spokeswoman Tara Finnigan said the city is looking into those claims and can't comment

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