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Police: Ill. trooper did not cause fatal crash

Accounts of a fatal motorcycle crash in Chicago differ; police statement says officer acted appropriately

By PoliceOne Staff

CHICAGO — Illinois State Police issued a statement disputing their role in a fatal motorcycle crash last Friday.

Nicholas Linton, 29, was killed in a crash involving two motorcycles, though eyewitness accounts of the accident vary, according to the Beacon-News. Police filed a report stating that one bike swerved into another to cause the accident, but other motorcyclists at the scene claimed that a police cruiser pulled in front of the two bikes, cutting them off.

Police say dash cam footage is evidence that the officer was not a contributing factor, and that still shots captured just prior to the crash show the motorcyclists clearly in front of the squad car.

“The officer’s enforcement action was not a contributing factor” to the crash and Linton’s death, the Illinois State Police press release stated.

The officer followed department policy for handling motorcycles traveling at high-speed, according to the release. Based on speeds recorded by dash cam, the motorcycles were traveling at more than 92 mph.

“[Dash cam] also captures one of the motorcycles’ brake lights in front of the officer’s vehicle,” public information officer Monique Bond said.

View more videos at: http://nbcchicago.com.

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