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Top 10 police videos of 2012

Whether a cop is being abused, being a hero, or being rescued himself, these top videos of the year prove just how unpredictable each day on the job can be. Share your favorite caught-on-video moments in the comments box below. 

Officer saves student with defibrillator

A Wash. officer springs into action to save a student with a heart condition after he collapses in a hallway.


Philly man slaps cop at Oktoberfest

An unruly man slaps an officer before being quickly subdued with a baton while the crowd cheers the cop on.  


Thug tries attacking cop twice his size

A suspect hops over the counter during booking to attack much larger cop, and a struggle ensues. 


Officer on high alert pursues firefighter who won't pull over

The fireman claimed he thought they were responding to the same call, is shocked to see cop's gun drawn. 


NYPD use helicopter to rescue rooftop victims from hurricane

Police rescue Hurricane Sandy victims stranded on their roofs one-by-one via helicopter. 


Cop ignores bullet wound, takes down suspect

A cop is shot in the chest, and still manages to chase down and shoot the robbery suspect.


Homeless former gang leader saves cop

A homeless man ran to the scene to pull a suspect off of the officer he was attacking without time to think.


Smug activist TASERed outside courtroom

Man said he is exempt from most laws due to his political beliefs, TASERed for trying to trespass.


Officers rescue kidnapped man from car trunk

The officers were honored for their quick thinking when they knew a traffic stop seemed off, heard banging in trunk.


Young girl fights to save dad's job as officer

A young girl created a video and posted it on YouTube in order to try to save her father's job in wake of budget cuts. 


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