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Video: Officer's 'Pit Maneuver' that ended pursuit under review

The officer forced a fleeing suspect to a stop by striking the side of his vehicle

By PoliceOne Staff

GAHANNA, Ohio — Police administrators are reviewing dash cam video to determine whether a dangerous maneuver an officer performed to end a pursuit was the right decision.

Donald Ball exposed himself to a Dairy Queen employee at the drive-thru, and then took off at the sound of police sirens, according to ABC 6.

The pursuing officer struck the side of Ball’s Jeep, causing it to spin out and come to a stop, using a move known as a pit maneuver.

Gahanna Police Lt. Dan Williams said he believed the officer’s decision was appropriate.

“It can be done very safely. You have to look at the road conditions, what is on the side of the roadway, oncoming traffic,” Williams said. “[The suspect] did not stop. He had no visual indication that he had any awareness of our presence.”

According to the report, officers found Ball inside his car with his pants around his knees. The suspect allegedly admitted to smoking crack-cocaine before the incident. His bail was set at $5,000 for public indecency and failure to comply.

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