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Video: Google Glass films first arrest at Jersey Shore

A Google Glass test user was filming along the boardwalk when a fight broke out

By PoliceOne Staff

WILDWOOD, N.J. - A test user of Google's new optical head-mounted computer, Google Glass, recorded what may be the first arrest ever filmed with the device on July 4. 

Chris Barrett, who was testing the extended recording feature of his Google Glass explorer, happened upon a scuffle in a crowd of people. He filmed what was a pretty uneventful fight, which resulted in an arrest, which was also filmed.

“I walked right up, saw a crowd forming, and people were saying a fight was going on,” Barrett told VentureBeat. “With Glass I went closer to the action than I probably should have, and saw a couple fights going on. I think I got the first arrest with Google Glass.” 

While the first arrest may not have been groundbreaking, many believe Google Glass will lead to a lot more events being captured on film - in part because Glass looks just like sunglasses and wouldn't appear to have recording capabilities.

“This is a huge step in citizen journalism,” Barrett said. “If Google Glass takes off, everyone’s going to have their entire life captured … first words, first steps … but also people getting shot, and natural disasters.”

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