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  Corrections U.S.A. http://www.cusa.org/   
  Carolinas Institute for Community Policing http://www.cicp.org/   
  Family Violence Prevention Fund http://endabuse.org/   
  Apogee Communications Group: Emergency Preparedness - Awareness & Survival DVD http://www.apogeevideo.com/emergency/emergency.htm   
  Security Industry Alarm Coalition http://www.siacinc.org/   
  The Future of Policing http://www.futureofpolicing.com/   
  Know Gangs http://www.knowgangs.com/   
  Narcotic News http://www.narcoticnews.com   
  Gangs Or Us - Gang Training and Identification http://www.gangsorus.com/   
  Acrosec UK Ltd http://www.acrosecuk.com/   
  Xfighter defense http://www.xfighterdefense.com/   
  Crime Prevention Tips http://www.crimepreventiontips.us/   
  Criminal Justice and Security Institute or Virginia http://www.cjsi-va.com/   
  LEO Web Protect http://www.leowebprotect.com/   
  Fox On Point http://www.fox-on-point.blogspot.com   
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