5 questions for career self assessment

In our leadership classes for women, we always start by asking students to take a few minutes a do a “career self assessment.” It’s nothing fancy, it’s just a quick way to internally check in and ask a few pertinent questions:

What do I expect? (Of myself, of the agency, of my career)
What do I want? (Out of this job, out of the profession, out of my life)
What do I believe? (About me, about my abilities, about my future)
Do I have goals? (Are they clear, attainable, realistic, have they changed?)
And am I ready to do whatever it takes to SUCCEED, not just survive?

Print out these five questions and spend some time answering them.  Be honest with yourself; understand that as our lives change so do our goals, our beliefs and our idea of what it means to be success. 

Once you’ve answered them, write them down and put them somewhere prominent, and then reassess them in a year. 

Don’t just let your career “happen” to you, take control of what you can and don’t obsess about what you can’t.  Make sure you’re working toward your idea of success and happiness, not someone else’s. 

Be flexible, be realistic, and enjoy this wonderful adventure that is law enforcement! 

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