Slideshow: The Year in Photos - 2010

Slideshow: In-depth coverage of the ambush on Wash. officers
  • Suicidal man fires on school board

    Video: A Florida gunman was shot and injured by a former police officer after the man pulled a gun on a school board meeting and opened fire on the board members. After the man was shot, he committed suicide. Date circled on calendar

  • Judge rules it’s OK to film cops

    A judge in Maryland dismissed charges against a man who filmed a plainclothes officer who pulled him over on his motorcycle. The video was then posted to YouTube. No expectation of privacy

  • No legal pot in California

    Proposition 19 advocates showed support for the measure by lighting up joints outside the campaign's headquarters as votes were tallied, but in the end, the measure failed, with opposition cutting across gender and racial lines. Even cops were split (AP Photo)

  • Posing, performing, and conduct unbecoming

    Jessie Lunderby, 21, was fired by the Washington County (Ark.) Sheriff's Office after her nude photo spread appeared on Precedents in the buff

  • Gunman dead in failed ambush on Texas cops

    In a Dallas suburb, a heavily-armed gunman set his vehicle on fire, screamed in the direction of a police station, ran into a nearby wooded area, and fired more than a hundred rounds toward the police station. Vehicle full of explosives (AP Photo)

  • The Arizona Immigration Law

    Arizona's immigration law was passed early in the year, but trimmed down by a judge months later. Senior Editor Doug Wyllie surveyed PoliceOne members to see what they think. Members speak out (AP Photo)

  • In budget crunch, Sheriff Baca starts patrolling the streets

    L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca began patrolling the streets in an effort to help save millions of dollars. The reasoning behind his decision might convince your command staff to get proactive about cutting costs. Baca on patrol (AP Photo)

  • Video: West Memphis cop killers found, stopped, shot

    Surveillance cameras show the gun battle that took place after Jerry Kane and his 16-year-old son murdered West Memphis Police Officers Bill Evans and Brandon Paudert on May 20, 2010. Suspects neutralized (AP Photo)

  • Christian militia group charged with plotting to kill officers

    A Midwestern militia group called Hutaree conspired to kill police officers and attack a police funeral using homemade bombs to kill more law enforcement personnel. The extremist group thinks officers are "the enemy." But why? (AP Photo)

  • The verdict and sentencing of BART cop Johannes Mehserle

    Cops arrested more than 150 as a crowd broke windows and knocked down fences, protesting the ex-BART cop’s two-year sentence for involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of Oscar Grant. Protest video (AP Photo)

  • Discovery Channel hostage taker shot

    A small group of people, including one security guard, was taken hostage at the Discovery Channel’s suburban Washington, DC headquarters. A tactical team shot and killed James Lee when he pointed his gun at a hostage. Clearing the building (AP Photo)

  • Bikers taunt bleeding Washington State Trooper after wreck

    A state trooper is cut off and intentionally wrecked, then taunted by bikers as he lay trapped, injured, and bleeding. No dashcam thanks to budget cuts (K5 News)

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