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Special Report

10/31/2003 - Updated - 7/10/2006
Recent Developments Regarding Use of Zylon in Ballistic Vests

NIJ Report Released - Important Information Available:
At PoliceOne, we have been closely monitoring developments during the past year and a half regarding body armor safety and the use of Zylon in ballistic vests. The Department of Justice, on August 24, 2005, released a third report on their testing:

NIJ Report
Full Report: Third Status Report to the Attorney General on Body Armor Safety Initiative Testing and Activities (PDF File)
Final Toyobo Complaint (PDF File)
Report Summary: NIJ Body Armor Safety Initiative Status Report Executive Summary

Related Information Bulletproof Vest Partnership (BVP) Program Special Soliciation 3rd government status report on Zylon released yesterday: What does it mean for officers and agencies? Zylon vests fail to stop bullets 58 percent of time in government tests NIJ Body Armor Standard Advisory Notice #01-2005 NIJ Body Armor Safety Initiative Online Resource Page

Additional Information
Regardless of the type of vest you are wearing or its components we urge all officers to continue to wear their vests. Personal body armor has been responsible for saving more than 2,700 lives since its introduction more than 30 years ago. NIJ encourages all public safety personnel to wear their ballistic-resistant armor at all times while on duty. Officers who do not wear body armor increases their relative risk of fatality in a firearms related assault by 14 times when compared to officers who wear body armor.
We recommend officers and departments review the information we have put together (below and right column). These resources are designed to provide concerned Law Enforcement and police officers and departments a broad view of the issue and recent developments.
PoliceOne continues to research this important issue and will provide more information as it comes available. If any officer or departments have test results, comments or other information that they would like to share with Law Enforcement, please email us at editor@policeone.com.
We also recommend that officers and departments take advantage of PoliceOne's secure forums, which include a section on Body Armor (LEO Only - Login Required): Body Armor Forum

Information from the NIJ and DOJ

Dept. of Justice Body Armor Safety Initiative Supplemental Report (PDF File) NIJ Request for Models of Used Body Armor Department of Justice Releases Initial Findings on Body Armor Performance

Media Coverage/Departments Respond

Information from Second Chance

Second Chance Recommends Safety Officers Replace Zylon® Vests Second Chance Applauds Settlement Agreement IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE – ULTIMA AND ULTIMAX VEST WEARER WITH PERFORMANCE PACS Second Chance Recommends Safety Officers Replace Zylon® Vests Body Armor Manufacturers Not Bulletproof on Zylon Vests, After All A Memo from Richard C. Davis - President of Second Chance Body Armor Minnesota Lawsuit Response from Second Chance Body Armor

Additional Resources

PoliceOne Report: Cause for Concern? PoliceOne Addresses Recent Media Coverage Regarding Zylon Bulletproof Vests National Settlement Concerning Body Armor Containing Zylon® Made by Second Chance Body Armor (PDF) Toyobo Statement on Zylon® as a Ballistic Fiber Used by Body Armor Manufacturers Toyobo Presents "Just the Facts on Zylon®" Toyobo Reports Tests Show No Degradation of Zylon(R)'s Stretch Resistance From Heat and Humidity National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial Fund Urges Officers to Continue Wearing Vests NIJ To Study Environment Effects Upon the Ballistic Protection of Personal Body Armor Oct. 20 Statement by Toyobo Co.,Ltd. on Personal Body Armor Containing Zylon (PDF) Letter from U.S. Ballistic Engineering Regarding the Recent Controversy Surrounding the "Long-Term" Performance of Zylon in Ballistic Vests Mehler Vario Systems Report on Zylon Degradation (PDF File) National Institute Of Justice Statement Regarding Second Chance, Inc. Body Armor "Upgrade" Offer Kent PD WA Zylon Vest Testing Results

Technical Bulletins from Honeywell Spectra® Regarding Ballistic Performance and Aging

Technical Bulletin - Interpreting Accellerated Aging Test Results (PDF) Technical Bulletin - Facts About Spectra® Fiber/Spectra Shield® Materials and Heat (PDF) Technical Bulletin - Spectra® Fiber: Chemical Resistance (PDF) Technical Bulletin - Z Shield® Material: Ballistic Performance After Aging (PDF) Technical Bulletin - Z Shield® Material: UV Exposure Test Results (PDF)

Vest Penetrations

Bullet Pierces Officer's Vest During Drug Bust - Forest Hills, Penn. Ravalli County, MT Officers Looking to Replace Failure-prone Body Armor

Manufacturer Information Regarding Zylon

Armor Holdings (Safariland, ABA, PROTECH):
ABA Announces New Warranty and Exchange Program for Xtreme ZX® Model Vests (PDF) Armor Holdings, Inc. Comments on the NIJ Body Armor Summit Armor Holdings, Inc. Thoroughly Rejects Claims in Class Action Suit and Reaffirms Confidence in Product Integrity Important Message to Armor Holdings Customers about Zylon from CEO Steve Croskrey (PDF) FAQs Concerning Zylon(R) Materials in Body Armor (PDF) Protective Products Announces Receipt of Order for Replacement of Second Chance Vest Protective Products Announces Program to Replace Second Chance Zylon Vests at a Discount Letter from Protective Products regarding Zylon-based Body Armor

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